Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why I Won't Be Shopping on Black Friday

1. I just don't believe shopping should be a contact sport.
2. I don't do crowds.
3. Nothing I want is ever on sale (Have you ever actually seen a first edition Chalmers book at WalMart? Nope, me either).
4. I don't do lines.
5. Turkey sandwiches await at home.
6. I don't do malls.
7. I'd rather read.
8. I don't do big box stores.
9. I'll be asleep during the worst of it anyway.
10. I don't do coupons, price comparisons, store-hopping, or wheeling-and-dealing.
11.  I think I'd actually rather go to the dentist (or go to traffic court; or have a colonoscopy; or even be forced to watch an entire Obama speech).