Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eleven? Why?

1. I love Abraham's Blog. Mine is therefore both imitation and memesis.
2. Eleven's half of twenty-two; maybe less than half as smart.
3. It's a number with both complexity and simplicity, elegance and symmetry .
4. It isn't ten or twelve. Nor is it three or seven.
5. It is short enough to impose a kind of rhetorical economy.
6. It's a fine editing device for prolific logophiles just like me.
7. It's a less-is-more strategy to get creative juices flowing.
8. It's Chestertonian: off-beat but not really off-the-beaten-path.
9. It's a puzzle. It's a garden of words. It's delectable didactae.
10. It's a way to say what I ought to say today.
11. It's a personal lectionary of grace, discipline, beauty, goodness, and truth.


David said...

Wow! Something refreshing to read in eleventh hours. Hendecasyllablic poetry next?

Jason Terhune said...

My limerick has eleven words per line, so no rule broken?

There’s a chap from the net,
Eleven words did he get.
When he asked for reprieve,
He was told he could leave.
But with eleven words he wrote a limerick on Patrick’s Eve

Think about it, communicating by limerick. Only eleven words at that.

George Grant said...

Oh, these are just too good! I think I've started something!

Linda said...

Ah, now I see how creativity can break free in Eleventary!

panta dokimazete said...

"Brevity is the soul of wit" from William Shakespeare's Hamlet, 1603