Friday, May 16, 2008

11 Day-Trips from London

1. Chartwell
2. Hever Castle
3. Cambridge
4. Oxford
5. Ely Cathedral
6. Brighton Pavilion
7. Greenwich
8. Lewes
9. Hampton Court
10. Wembley
11. Lavenham


Susan L said...

Hello, I am a longtime reader of your blog(s). I just found out about this Eleventary one yesterday (oh to be so concise!). I am inspired by the homes of people who live well, so it's been nice to see your beautiful gardens and library (I see some books on your shelves that are also on mine; Eco, Tolkien, more...). The reason I'm posting, though, is because you are making me homesick for England! My family lived there in the 1980s for 3 1/2 years (NE of London, half an hour or less from Cambridge; Thetford, actually). My husband studied for his masters at St. John's/Cambridge, and we spent a lot of time in that beautiful town (used to listen to the Kings College choir practice in the church sometimes). Some of the places you've listed to shop or to visit are favorites of mine. Cambridge. Ely Cathedral. Lavenham! I don't know anyone who has been to Lavenham besides us. I love every inch of that place! There was an antique shop there that specialized in scrubbed pine. I bought several pieces that still grace our home.

I'm enjoying this! (Good thing you don't have an eleven word limit on comments.) :-)

Yikes. I'm trying to figure out how to comment anonymously, but there doesn't seem to be one. Is there?

Susan L

George Grant said...


Thanks for your encouraging words. Yes, Lavenham is a gem. We've stayed at the Swan before--and just across the street is one of my favorite tea shops. Around the corner is a fantastic antiquarian bookshop.

I think there is a way to be a bit more anonymous simply by adjusting the preferences in your own Google or OpenID identity.

Jayme said...

I've got to add to this list too. The Roman city of Bath (by way of Stonehenge) is a must-visit. The pump room is a great tea spot - as is Harriet's in Bury St. Edmund. Ahhh, I have to stop thinking about it now before I impulse buy and spend all my pennies on a plane ticket!

queen shenaynay said...

Chawton! You must add Chawton!

(Home of Jane Austen.)