Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Favorite Productivity Tools

1. Twitter
2. Twitterific
3. SnipURL
4. PageOnce
5. GrandCentral
6. MobileMe
7. Blogger
8. Wikipedia
9. StudyLight Interlinear
10.ESV Bible
11. 30 Boxes


ipern said...

Excellent list - I'd recommend two more tools:
12. Remember the Milk - very cool - talk manager for the forgetful (
13. Lastpass - a new password manager - that makes the whole experience of logging on or syncing and sharing online faster and safer. It appears to be getting pretty stellar reviews -

George Grant said...

I'll check them out. LastPass sounds like it may be similar to PageOnce.

Dominion Family said...

Genuine question...
What is it about Twitter? What is the real appeal?

George Grant said...

Cindy: I use Twitter as a discipling tool. My students (and a few of the adults I minister with) often ask me how I use my time, how I get my work done, and what my days look like. I don't use it as compulsively as some, but it really has proven helpful in communicating to others my daily priorities and disciplines.