Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why Palin Has Energized the Base

1. She’s solidly pro-life--without waffling, wiggling, or wavering.
2. She has walked the walk in the midst of deep adversity.
3. She is a genuine Evangelical Christian.
4. She has an impressive record of getting things done.
5. She is an able administrator with solid executive experience.
6. She is a tireless campaigner--with, you know, that "hockey mom," "pit bull," and "lipstick" thing going on.
7. She is a winsome, substantive, and natural speaker.
8. She has an extraordinary intellect.
9. She has a life, a family, a great story, and a sense of humor.
10. She is a Washington outsider--but, she’s not a crank.
11. She’s a she.


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Also, she's made me like suits and pearls again!