Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The John Quincy Adams Doctrine

"Any man who actually wants to be president, probably isn't qualified."


thebreadline said...

Hello george, Glad to find this blog; On John Qunicy Adams, what are you reading/have read on him? Anything to recommend? thanks, Dave Bissett, NY

George Grant said...

Dave: I just recently read the classic biography of JQA by John T. Morse and the new biography by Robert Remini. What really sparked my interest was a combination of my study of Chalmers and Wilberforce and a visit to the great old parish church just adjacent to the Tower of London, All-Hallows Barking--where JQA was married and which has some interesting archives. That's the church, by the way, from which Pepys famously observed the devastation of the great Fire of London.