Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Favs

1. The beautiful Yuletide season at Parish.
2. Greg Wilbur’s Lessons and Carols.
3. Afternoons writing snug in the Daug Haus.
4. My annual January mission trip—this year to Iraq, Italy, and Austria.
5. Long dark mornings with café robusto at Maxximo Jo’s
6. Football played in the cold, cold, cold.
7. Big hot bowls of Texas chili.
8. A fresh batch of journals to work with.
9. Gethsemane Farms cakes.
10. Dokkestul chocolate covered cherries.
11. My Chesterton and Solzhenitsyn reading plan (I just can’t seem to read either during the warmer months).


Matt said...

Your love for life is contagious! Thanks for sharing.

Kay said...

Thanks! That was an unexpected surprise!