Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 Super Bowl Ad Favs

1. VW: Stevie Wonder Punching Game
2. Google: Parisian Love
3. Snickers: Betty White
4. The Late Show: Leno, Oprah, and Letterman
5. NFL: Liftoff
6. Budweiser: Longhorn and Clydesdale
7. Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood
8. Dodge Charger: Man’s Last Stand
9. Denny’s: Overworked Chickens
10. Doritos: Ninja Revenge
11. Focus: Tebow and Mom


SEChapman said...

VW...Was the best....Would it not be just amazing if he took of those glasses one day...and said..I was just missing with y'all I could see all the

# 4 was very funny..

Can't wait to see Robin Hood.

SEChapman said...

opps,,, MESSING

opps...OFF those glasses...

Sorry hit the do not return button to soon...opps