Thursday, April 29, 2010

List of Lists from Eco's Infinity of Lists

1. Achilles’ Shield, Iliad, Book II, vv. 595-1015
2. The Battle of Lepanto, Andrrea Vicentino
3. The Fall of Rebel Angels, Gustav Dore
4. Cupola del Duomo de Parma Correggio
5. Allegory of Fire, Jan Brueghel the Elder
6. Entering the Ark, Jacob Savery
7. Fallen Angels, Peter Paul Rubens
8. Arrival of Isabella of Parma, Martin van Meytens
9. Banquet at Casa Nani, Pietro Longhi
10. Picture Gallery, Giovanni Paolo Pannini
11. The Library, Felix Vallotton


Ben House said...

Is there a category or topic for this list? Or is the grouping plain and obvious? Or do I have to violate my principles and buy the book to find out?

George Grant said...

Ben: You really need the book--which is a list of lists. It is actually quite brilliant--perhaps the best Eco non-fiction book yet.

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