Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Books by or about Thomas Chalmers

1. The St. Andrew's Seven by Stuart Piggin and John Roxborough
2. A Scottish Christian Heritage by Iain H. Murray (just a chapter, but excellent)
3. Unity and Diversity by Sandy Finlayson (again, just a chapter)
4. Sabbath Scripture Readings: New Testament by Thomas Chalmers
5. Sabbath Scripture Readings: Old Testament by Thomas Chalmers
6. The Expulsive Power of a New Affection by Thomas Chalmers (a powerful sermon)
7. Lost Causes by George and Karen Grant (just one chapter)
8. Astronomical Discourses by Thomas Chalmers (due later in 2010 from the Chalmers Foundation, with an intro on his apologetic methods by George Grant)
9. Second Fiddles by George Grant (one chapter in a book due in 2011 from Reformation Trust)
10. The Churchmanship of Thomas Chalmers by George Grant (also due in 2011 from Reformation Trust)
11. Thomas Chalmers: Pastor, Reformer, Educator, and Pioneer (due in 2012 from Christian Focus)

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