Monday, November 1, 2010

Favorite BBQ Joints

1. Red Baron's, Midland, TX
2. Rudy's, Leon Springs, TX
3. Smitty's, Crockett, TX
4. Salt Lick, Austin, TX
5. Angelo's, Fort Worth, TX
6. Goode and Co, Houston, TX
7. Sonny Bryan's, Dallas, TX
8. Red Bryan's, Dallas, TX
9. Dreamland, Tuscaloosa, AL
10. Arthur Bryant's, Kansas City, MO
11. Cafe Tejas, Franklin, TN


Lawrence Underwood said...

Brother George,
You should come down here. The Brick Pit will knock Dreamland off your list :)

If you are ever in Mason, TN you must also stop at Bozo's Barbecue. It is amazing. If you saw the movie 'Walk the Line' you saw the counter of Bozo's.

Peyton said...

Dr. Grant,
Where in Midland is Red Baron's BBQ?
We just moved here, and I cannot find it in the phonebook.

PinkLemonade said...

I have been able to visit seven of these, including Dreamland last summer while roadtripping from Texas to Georgia. Making the last four on the list seems more doable than hitting all major league stadiums at this point. And more satisfying.

Jason Terhune said...

Not one in Memphis? It is not a list without at least one of the following:
1. Jack's
2. Rendezvous
3. Interstate
4. Gridley's
5. Topp's
6. Morris
7. Bozo's
8. Neely's
9. Leonard's
10. Public Eye
11. Pig-N-Whistle

George Grant said...

Jason: Well, I am a Texan. Still, I do love Rendezvous, Neely's, and Jack's (in that order). But, my favorite Memphis place is not even on your list: One-and-Only! It's on the east side of town and is wonderful.