Friday, January 28, 2011

The Shed Office


Mark said...

Love it! I'm very jealous :-)

Bonnie said...

That reminds me of seeing David McCullough's writing office ~~ his backyard shed! He does have 800 books lining his writing studio!
I think he allowed only those whose height was under the fence line could visit him ~~ something like that! No telephone or water, and the view is a pasture.

“Nothing good was ever written in a large room,”

Scribbler said...


Bigger is better
Better is best
Larger than life
Won't sit and just rest
Things can't grow larger
Just try this test
An eagle to nestle
In a hummingbirds nest

Smaller is sometimes better
Common is sometimes rare
Contentment with a smile
Is the best bigger, you can share
Nestled in this rhyme
Large wings spread with flare
Is the call toward the little
Toward the "simple” if you dare.

George, we all know big things shall come from this simple place........Praying for you and Nat.

Charity said...

I love it! Delightful. It's so perfect for writing in. I don't know you personally, but it somehow makes reading your things better to know that you like to write in a quaint area like this.