Thursday, May 5, 2011

After 20 Years, Why I'm Still Teaching

1. I get to love what I love in front of my students.
2. I inevitably learn more--even more than those I’m teaching.
3. I have a great excuse to buy more books.
4. And then, I have a great excuse to read more books.
5. I am forced to make real-life connections rather than simply pontificate in the theoretical.
6. I am provoked to think about the future and scrutinize the present through the lens of the past.
7. I am able to reacquaint myself with the best of our great legacy of art, music, and ideas.
8. I get the satisfaction of seeing the “lights come on.”
9. I am constantly prodded to hone my communications skills.
10. I get to bear testimony to the grace and mercy of God, in space, in time, and in me.
11. I am privileged to catch early glimpses of the future leaders of our culture in action.


Bonnie said...

We thank you for teaching for all those years as we are the recipients!
Bless you. Can't wait to see your bowtie come off next week when we trail behind you . As Wordsworth wrote: "trailing clouds of glory..."

Scribbler said...

It is my prayer that Henry and Emmaline get to recline at your feet one day.... More importantly, may God raise up many to fill your shoes , as I am sure that will put the biggest of smiles on your face.

We miss seeing you ever Sunday...

CPCC Pastor said...