Monday, August 1, 2011

My Favorite Street Foods

1. Bratwurst in Leipzig
2. Frites in Antwerp
3. Coffee in Bogota
4. Falafel in Jerusalem
5. Pain au Raisin in Paris
6. Lamb Kebab in Amman
7. Satay in Jakarta
8. Wienwurst in Vienna
9. Nathan's Coney in Brooklyn
10. Stroopwafel in Amsterdam
11. Haggis in Edinburgh


Bonnie said...

Barbeque in Franklin, Tenn?
My two older brothers just saw Aretha Franklin in a free concert ThursdaY ON Coney Island and we were talking about how that place started and Nathan's hot dogs!

Sad the Brutal31 said...

Hello sir, you should try a Malaysian satay..