Monday, January 2, 2012

On the Nightstand

It seems I'm always reading several books at once. I read some for my work--so, for instance right now I'm reading "The American Colonial Mind and the Classical Tradition" by Richard Gummere and "Sailing the Wine Dark Sea" by Thomas Cahill. At the same time, I am working through Derek Kidner's "Genesis" and Victor Hamilton's "The Book of Genesis."
I am almost finished with Walter Isaacson's "Steve Jobs," which I got for Christmas. But, I couldn't help getting started on Rick Marschall's "Bully: The Life and Times of Theodore Roosevelt," also a Christmas gift.

My friend Mike Milton's new book, "Songs in the Night," came in the mail just a few days before Christmas--I started it the minute I opened the package. Likewise, I began reading the new N.T. Wright translation, "The Kingdom New Testament," right after I brought it home.
I try to read everything Douglas Wilson writes--which is a feat in and of itself. I always learn so much about writing--besides whatever it is that he happens to be writing about. But with his "Wordsmithy," a book of advice to writers, I am getting a double-dose.

After slogging through Umberto Eco's very dark "The Prague Cemetery," I thought I probably needed something really edifying to read next. So, I am re-reading Ian MacLaren's "St. Jude's."

And, for my devotions, I am slowly savoring the third volume of "Daily Scripture Readings" by Thomas Chalmers. So rich.

Next up: I gave copies of Niall Ferguson's book, "Civilization: The West and the Rest," to three different people for Christmas, but I didn't keep a copy for myself. So this week, by hook or by crook, I'm going to get over to Parnassus for that--and while I'm in that part of town, I'll also step into Logos to re-supply and re-provision.


Bernie said...

Dr. Grant,

You probably don't remember me ... I used to pastor Faith Community Church in Franklin (the C&MA church there now pastored by David Yoder). I followed your work closely. Greatly appreciated the Brentwood Library missions talks you gave several years ago. I am now serving with the C&MA in Mongolia. We miss Franklin immensely ... but where He leads, we follow ...

Anyway ... I am wondering if you have written/blogged about reading. I am so impressed with people like yourself who have the ability to read through so much. I love to read ... and in the pastorate I had the opportunity to read as part of my vocation. Now ... it's so difficult. I am a naturally slow reader. Tend to read in the evening ... and after a long day, that ends up being a few pages and ... snooze.

I greatly appreciate your ability to read voluminously. It's something I intend to work on in 2012. Any thoughts, advise , counsel to this end would be appreciated... and I feel that many of your readers would appreciate your insight into this area, as well.

Of course, if you've written about this someplace else ... it would be great if you could just link me to that!

Thank you so much. Grace to you, your family and your ministry in the coming year...

Bernie Anderson

George Grant said...

Bernie: So good to hear from you again, dear brother. Yes, making a commitment to read can be tough given how busy all our lives are.

Karen and I did write a book about reading a few years ago. "Shelf Life" dealt with everything from practical reading lists to creating a good atmosphere for reading in a home.

The key is to make reading a priority--schedule it. And then, make sure you work plenty of variety into your reading plan.


CPCC Pastor said...

I would also recommend Tony Reinke's great new book "LIT!" published by Crossway in 2010. (George, did you see or comment on this one?) I gave several copies of LIT! as a Christmas present this year...

George Grant said...

Yes, Reinke's "Lit" is wonderful. It is akin to my all-time favorite book on reading worldviewishly, James Sire's "How to Read Slowly."

Dawn said...

If I were to read one book by Thomas Chalmers, which one would you recommend?

George Grant said...

Dawn: Actually, I'd probably start with a book about him: "The St. Andrew's Seven." It's published by Banner of Truth.