Monday, July 9, 2012

B Logomorphs

Begathon:  Online, Cable TV, or Radio fund-raiser—a guilt and pity party.

Bitnik:  A hyper-hip computer nerd—the postmodern version of a beatnik.

Blandiose:  A grandiose blandness—a seemingly incurable malady that afflicts the minds of politicians on both sides of the aisle.

Blamestorming:  The modern rant of Facebook rants and talk radio call-in shows.

Bloatocratic:  The ever expanding bureaucracy in Washington.

Blockbluster:  The hype surrounding many a Hollywood dud.

Bloodba’ath:  The mode of political operation in the Middle East where Islamicists and Ba’athists scramble for absolute control.

Blurbonic Plague:  The static inclination of the media to edit down political sound-bites into even smaller nuggets for popular mass consumption.

Bozon:  an isolated example of stupidity—a single unit or particle of dim-wittedness.

Brutalitarianism:  A brutal regulatory governmental regime that interferes with virtually every aspect of life.

Bureausaurus:  Lifetime appointments to the professional federal ruling class.

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