Monday, June 3, 2013

Why Even Attempt the Uttermost?

Why would any sane person attempt to run 500 miles, bike 1500 miles, and swim 13 miles this summer?  Perhaps, the simplest eleventary answer is:

1. A mile more or a mile less just wouldn't add up (at least not this year).

2. A great cause warrants a great challenge.

3. It's more than a marathon, more than an ultra, more than a triathlon, even more than an ironman--it's an uttermost.

4. Where would the fun be if we just straight-up asked for money for the Chalmers Fund.

5. Risk-reward necessitates risk AND reward.

6. Our team's Latinate slogan pretty much demands it.

7. We have a whole slew of deserving, needy students for whom we need to provide scholarships.

8. What better way could we find to whip our bodies into shape?

9. These are the sorts of stunts bucket lists were designed to accommodate.

10. After all the years and all the miles there is still just a little bit of jock in us trying desperately to get out.

11. Well, perhaps it's not particularly sane after all.

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