Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Biblical Models for 2nd Fiddles

1. Jethro to Moses
2. Joshua to Moses
3. Caleb to Joshua
4. Deborah to Barak
5. Jonathan to David
6. Nathan to David
7. Andrew to Peter
8. Philip to James
9. Timothy to Paul
10. Titus to Paul
11. Epaphroditus to Paul

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Carl said...

By 2nd Fiddle do you mean they "filled" in the weaknesses? Or were excellent assistants? Or they could have been first fiddle?

I'm the 52 yr old father of a Giles Kirk via CD's student. I praise God for the mind, will, emotion and spirit HE has given you!

May God increase your number for His glory,

Carl Bobb
Strasburg, Colorado