Saturday, June 19, 2010

What I Write in My Journal

1. Notes from whatever books or journals I am currently reading
2. Memorable quotes I run across
3. Ideas for books, articles, poems, lectures, songs, stories, illustrations, or other projects
4. Outlines and bibliographies for whatever it is that I’m presently researching
5. Architectural sketches, doodles, conceptuals, floor plans, layouts, site plans, and illuminations
6. Devotional reflections and Scriptural insights
7. Sermon and lecture notetaking
8. Rants--particularly those that are unfit for publication
9. Long-term planning ideas, goals, and aspirations
10. Reflections from self-examination
11. Prayers, intercessions, supplications, and thanks


Gregory Scott said...

Dr. Grant--Question about the tools in the pic: Rhodia and Montblanc?

George Grant said...

Yes, sitting on my desk there are my Rhodia journal (I'm using the next size smaller now, the A6 Habana), my old Mont Blanc (picked up at a street vendor's cart in Vienna), my Bible, and my Mac.

Ben House said...

Thankfully it is not a Fifteenary:

12. Shopping lists for Wal-Mart.

13. Caricatures of Greg Wilbur, Matthew Vest, and the session of Parish Pres.

14. Beginnings of epic political novels: "Call me Barack." "Sing goddess, the wrath of Harry Reid..."

15. Lists of government programs that could be enacted if only there weren't so many mean old conservatives.

Lawrence Underwood said...

Ben, I just woke my wife who is sleeping. Too funny!