Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Favorite Yuletide Traditions

1. Lessons and Carols Service
2. Negotiating the Gift Limit with Karen
3. Ministry Leadership Christmas Party
4. Kugelhupf Coffee Cake
5. Gethsemane Farms Fruitcake
6. Old Homemade Christmas Ornaments
7. Candy Canes at the Christmas Eve Service
8. Feast of the Innocents: Pro-Life Sunday
9. Habitrot, St. Jude, and Resolution Runs
10. A Big, Late, Scrumptious Christmas Morning Breakfast
11. Titans in the Playoffs

1 comment:

SEChapman said...

1, 4, 7,10.. I am with you there...

11...grrrr'll never live up to the resolution....and she knows it.