Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Still Crazy After All These Years (Old Standbys)

1. My Levenger Briefcase (15 years and counting)
2. ESV (7 years and counting)
3. An Office in Downtown Franklin (17 years and counting)
4. The Titans in Nashville (10 years and counting)
5. My Aeron Chair (9 years and counting)
6. Lamy Fountain Pens (15 years and counting)
7. Moleskine Journals (17 years and counting)
8. Macs (20 years and counting)
9. Pappas Brothers Restaurants (27 years and counting)
10. Body Shop for Men (19 years and counting)
11. My Chevy Truck (8 years and counting)


Bart Newton said...

Which particular model(s) of Lamy fountain pens do you use on a daily basis? What are your thoughts on the Safari?

I've used a Cross and a Parker, both gifts, for the past 15 or 16 years and they're still going strong.

queen shenaynay said...

So you dig the likes of Pappadeaux, etc, eh? And Peggy Sue's and Sonny Bryan's for Texas BBQ, as I recall from the Gileskirk list... Okay, so throw in your nods for Chuy's rellenos and stacked enchiladas, and Henk's Black Forest Deli for reubens and German sausages (a lovely old dive blessedly situated next to the grand matriarch of all Half-Price Books stores), and we're getting close to square on the five points of gastro-theology, my friend.

So now we Texas Bruces have to ask: how does Scottish salmon encrusted with haggis strike you?

George Grant said...

Bart: I do like the Lamy Safaris for a fairly inexpensive fountain pen. My all time favorites are two Waterman pens I've had for years and years and one very old Cross.

QS: Yes, you're right on all counts. Karen and I are going to be in Texas in January and we intend to partake of all of the above!

Bart Newton said...


Today, I ordered a Safari w/ xf nib as a Christmas gift for someone wanting to enter the world of fountain pens.

Bing said...

What about Karen? Doesn't she count?