Saturday, December 20, 2008

Titans in the Pro-Bowl

1. Albert Haynesworth
2. Kevin Mawae
3. Cortland Finnegan
4. Chris Johnson
5. Michael Roos
6. Chris Hope
7. Keith Bulluck, alternate
8. Rob Bironas, alternate
9. Ahmard Hall, alternate
10. Michael Griffin, alternate
11. Kerry Collins, alternate

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dr. G., The Titans' Michael Roos is a special man to me. I knew his mother, Mai, as a single teen in Estonia, and in 1978 she helped our ministry (Living Sound) to gain an unlikely foothold in the USSR. She was a member of a charismatic Methodist church in Tallinn, and active in the Christian youth underground. She married in 1980, had 3 children in quick succession, and then her husband left her. She eventually came to the USA as penniless as other ex-Soviet citizens. The fact that her son now makes over $7,000,000 per year nearly brings tears to my eyes for her. And of course, Michael is now an Estonian superstar.