Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Eleventary Twictionary

1. Twitter: A popular social networking site; a cross between a text-message and a blog; sometimes referred to as a "micro-blog."
2. Tweets: The 140 character posts on Twitter.
3. Follows: Folks who have chosen to follow your posts or folks you've chosen to follow.
4. Retweet: A request to tweet again whatever you just posted.
5. Tweeple: Twitter People; the folks who use Twitter.
6. Twits: Folks who actually understand the technology and culture of Twitter.
7. Tweetup: An online meeting of Twitter friends.
8. Hashtags: A method of tagging content associated with a specific event, topic, or group.
9. Twurl: An online program to shorten and post a url to Twitter.
10. Twitpic: An online program to post a photo to Twitter.
11. Tweetdeck: A management system to sort through categories of follows.

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